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Patient Testimonials

COVID Vaccine "I got the shot because..."

Patient Testimonials 


"When I first got to this place I was hurt, I didn’t know what to do. Selena (Health Coach) started talking to me and I started to open up my heart. She has been like a daughter to me. She has helped me out a lot."


"When you’re on your own you really don’t have anyone there. Having somebody be there for you is the biggest thing. Dionne (Health Coach) has been like a niece to me. It hasn’t felt like a working relationship. It’s felt like family."


"Since I have been at CAMcare things have started to look up. They have put me in the right direction. They have kept me on the right track. Without Maria (Health Coach) I don’t know where I would be."


"I just want to thank everybody at CAMcare because I’m still here. If I hadn’t listened to all the doctors I probably wouldn’t be here today."

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