Care Coordination

A look into Care Coordination and those we serve...

The Care Coordination Department is an innovative quality improvement program made up of skilled and dedicated multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals that collaborate with patients’ doctors to help support better patient self-management of their chronic conditions and reduce avoidable hospital encounters. This team travels throughout the community to meet the patient “where they are” and work hand in hand with patients to help them solve any barriers that may be effecting their ability to manage their chronic diseases.

Services include but are not limited to assisting our patients with...

  • Learning to manage & understand their chronic diseases

  • Organizing & understanding their medications

  • Goal setting & reaching goals

  • Housing

  • Transportation

  • Food & nutrition assistance

  • Government assistance
    (Disability, Food Stamps, etc.)

  • Going with patient to appointments

How do I access these services?

  • Have you recently been admitted to the hospital and have been admitted more than 2 times in the last 6 months?

  • Are you having trouble with housing, paying or getting your medication, having enough to eat, or another situation that makes it hard to take care of your health?

If this sounds like you, please speak with your CAMcare healthcare provider about CAMcare's Care Coordination team. You may qualify for a referral to access these services.

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