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Our Services

CAMcare Health Corporation’s Behavioral Health Team is made of Licensed Clinical Social Workers that are committed to the motto that “Mental Health is Health”. They work with all populations and every clinical team within the organizations to support the needs of our patients.  

Behavioral Health Consultation is a fast-growing specialization in primary care medicine, where participating Providers and patients benefit from the ready availability of a Clinician who specializes in Behavioral/Mental Health. Our Behavioral Health team can meet with patients during their scheduled medical appointments as well as during follow-up sessions that are flexibly scheduled. We offer brief consultation in our medical offices and ongoing psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Trauma, and other concerns. 

Meet The Team

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Mary Franden, LCSW

Clinical Director of Behavioral Health

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Shannon Burdick, LCSW

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Debra Ford, LCSW

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Luis Guilen, LCSW


Deschon Coyle, LSW