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Medical Team


Nuestros servicios

CAMcare Health Corporation’s Care Coordination Team consists of Health Coaches, Program Coordinators, Licensed Practical Nurses that work in collaborative teams to support the many needs of our patients.  

CAMcare Health Corporation has recognized the need to make sure patients are fully educated and equipped with tools to maintain their health.

The Care Coordination services, available to all our patients, include but are not limited to:  

  • Housing resources   

  • Transportation resources for Medicaid patients available through LogistiCare-NJ at (866) 527-9945   

  • Food & nutrition supply resources  

  • Government assistance resources (disability, food stamps, etc.)  

  • Telephonic appointment preparation  

  • Education about chronic diseases  

  • Organizing & understanding medications  

  • Goal setting & planning to reach goals  

If you feel that you could benefit from a support system that will help you navigate through the health system, please speak with your CAMcare healthcare provider about CAMcare's Care Coordination team. You may qualify for a referral to access these services.

Nuestros servicios


kamar johns 

Coordinador del Programa de Calidad


Stacey Bentley, LPN

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